2014 Winners

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Grand Champion

Photo Courtesy of Chuck Ray, FBA

Git R Smoked


Wink’s Barbecue
Photo Courtesy of Chuck Ray, FBA

Chicken Category

Place Team
1 Hot Wachula's
2 Two Crackers Cooking
3 Swamp Boys
4 Sweet Smoke Q
5 Pendray BBQ
6 Big Papa's Country Kitchen
7 Hog Life BBQ
8 Git R Smoked BBQ
9 Team Unknown BBQ
10 [Tie] Blazin 7's
10 [Tie] Blitzkrieg BBQ

Ribs Category

Place Team
1 Wackadoos
2 Blazin 7's
3 Staggering Swine and Bovin
4 Wink's Barbecue
5 Divine Swine BBQ Team
6 Git R Smoked BBQ
7 Uncle Wendy's BBQ
8 [Tie] Pink Grizzly
8 [Tie] Team Unknown BBQ
10 M&E BBQ

Pork Category

Place Team
1 [Tie] Team Unknown BBQ
1 [Tie] Git R Smoked BBQ
3 Wink's Barbecue
4 All Racked Up
5 Staggering Swine and Bovine
6 Six Guns and Lou BBQ
7 Hot Wachula's
8 Pink Grizzly
9 Bull Rush BBQ
10 Blazin 7's

Brisket Category

Place Team
1 Swamp Boys
2 Big Papa's Country Kitchen
3 Wink's Barbecue
4 Sweet Smoke Q
5 Blitzkrieg BBQ
6 Git R Smoked BBQ
7 Team Unknown BBQ
8 Pink Grizzly
9 Bull Rush BBQ
10 Hot Wachula's

People’s Choice

Place Team
1 Wink's Barbeque
2 Smokin Bro's
3 Git-R-Smoked
4 Mountain Brother's BBQ
5 [Tie] Bull Rush BBQ
5 [Tie] Pink Grizzlies BBQ
5 [Tie] Southern Yankee
5 [Tie] Hig Jims
6 [Tie] Pendray BBQ
6 [Tie] Pig in or Pig Out
6 [Tie] World's Smoking Que
7 Sweet Smoke Q
8 [Tie] 1 & 1 Bar-B-Que
8 [Tie] Simple Man BBQ
8 [Tie] Stump'd and Confused
8 [Tie] The Pits
8 [Tie] Bubbas Scrub Oak
9 [Tie] Hoggy Bottom Boys
9 [Tie] Skinny's BBQ Team
9 [Tie] Team Unknown BBQ
9 [Tie] Wackadoos Grub and Brew
10 [Tie] Big Papa's Country Kitchen
10 [Tie] Big Red's BBQ
10 [Tie] Blazin'

FBA Sanctioned Event

This contest is overseen by the Florida Bar-B-Que Association (FBA). For more details regarding scores, etc, please visit the official FBA website.
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