2015 Winners

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Grand Champion

Big Pappa’s Country Kitchen

Git R Smoked


Hot Wachula’s and Good Buddies BBQ

Chicken Category

Place Team
1 Big Papa's Country Kitchen
3 Good Buddies BBQ
4 Sweet Smoke Q
5 Hot Wachula's
6 Bull Rush BBQ
7 Divine Swine
8 Meatheads' BBQ
9 Belly Up BBQ
10 Bubba's Scrub Oak BBQ

Ribs Category

Place Team
1 Team Unknown BBQ
2 Two Crackers Cooking
3 Dadgum Good BBQ
4 Divine Swine
5 Sonny's Heritage BBQ Team
6 Bubba's Scrub Oak BBQ
7 Sweet Smoke Q
8 Bull Rush BBQ
9 Pendray BBQ
10 Hot Wachula's

Pork Category

Place Team
1 Hot Wachula's
2 Big Papa's Country Kitchen
3 Swamp Boys
4 Blitzkrieg BBQ
5 Dadgum Good BBQ
6 Sweet Smoke Q
7 Pigture Perfect
8 Good Buddies BBQ
9 Bubba's Scrub Oak BBQ
10 Behemoth BBQ

Brisket Category

Place Team
1 Good Buddies BBQ
2 Blitzkrieg BBQ
3 Swamp Boys
4 Big Papa's Country Kitchen
5 Hot Wachula's
6 Smoked 'Que
7 Bull Rush BBQ
8 Behemoth BBQ
9 Six Guns and Lou BBQ
10 Fire Pit BBQ

People’s Choice

Place Team
1 Sweet Smoke Q
2 Big Papa's Country Kitchen
3 Behemoth Barbecue
4 Unknown BBQ
5 Smokin n Pokin
6 Wackadoos Grub and Brew
7 Big Red's BBQ
8 Two Crackers Cooking
9 Pendray BBQ
10 Bull Rush BBQ

FBA Sanctioned Event

Category Winning Team
Best Desert Just Pig Out BBQ
Best Sauce Wackadoos Grub and Brew

This contest is overseen by the Florida Bar-B-Que Association (FBA). For more details regarding scores, etc, please visit the official FBA website.
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