2017 Winners

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Grand Champion

Sweet Smoke Q | score:783.03333

Sweet Smoke Q


Nice Racks | score: 779.20000


Place Team Score
Grand Sweet Smoke Q 783.0333329
Reserve Nice Racks 779.1999995
3rd Swamp Boys 771.5333330
4th Krazy Train 764.9833334
5th Hughes Brothers BBQ 764.6000000
6th Carter Q 764.4833335
7th Bo's Bodacious BBQ 763.7999997
8th Hot Wachulas 763.5999999
9th Backyard Bro's 763.3666668
10th Sonny's Heritage BBQ Team 762.6333331

Chicken Category

Place Team Score
1st Smokin Off The Grid 198.3333332
2nd Divine Swine Competition BBQ Team 196.9
3rd Hot Wachulas 196.4666666
4th Swamp Boys 196.4499999
5th Hughes Brothers BBQ 195.75
6th Sweet Smoke Q 195.0666666
7th Sonny's Heritage BBQ Team 193.1166666
8th TREmendous Que 192.9499999
9th Carter Q 192.9166668
10th Bull Rush BBQ 192.9166666

Ribs Category

Place Team Score
1st Hot Wachulas 199.2833332
2nd GitChewSum BBQ 197.8666666
3rd Sm'Hokies 196.15
4th Nice Racks 195.7833332
5th Bo's Bodacious BBQ 195.0333332
6th Backyard Bro's 195.0166666
7th Weekend Warriors BBQ 194.35
8th Sweet Smoke Q 194.3166666
9th Sonny's Heritage BBQ Team 194.1
10th Hughes Brothers BBQ 193.6166667

Pork Category

Place Team Score
1st Sonny's Heritage BBQ Team 195.7333332
2nd Wink's Barbecue 195.0666666
3rd Nice Racks 195.0666665
4th Sweet Smoke Q 194.3499999
5th Big Papa's Country Kitchen 194.3333333
6th Swamp Boys 194.3166666
7th Diva Q 194.1
8th Big Daddy Q 193.3833333
9th Krazy Train 192.9333333
10th Boog-a-lou Smoke Crew 192.9333332

Brisket Category

Place Team Score
1st Sweet Smoke Q 199.2999998
2nd Nice Racks 197.1833332
3rd Boog-a-lou Smoke Crew 196.4833332
4th Wink's Barbecue 196.4499999
5th Bo's Bodacious BBQ 195.4999999
6th Fantasy Q 195.05
7th GitChewSum BBQ 194.1
8th Carter Q 193.6
9th Belly Up BBQ 193.4
10th Sm'Hokies 193.3833333


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FBA Sanctioned Event

This contest is overseen by the Florida Bar-B-Que Association (FBA). For more details regarding scores, etc, please visit the official FBA website.
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